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Car tinting film, trim film, camouflage film, rear light film & more

As experienced foil technicians, we produce an individual and creative foil for your vehicle, tailored to your wishes.  Only high-quality film products from well-known manufacturers are used.  These are not only characterized by a first-class look, but also by their longevity and durability in everyday life.  After all, you want to be able to enjoy your vehicle with a new design for as long as possible.  We offer you all the options for customizing your car, from car tinting film for the rear side windows and the rear window to tinted rear light film or decorative strip film in different looks to camouflage film for full or partial wrapping on the vehicle itself. You decide for yourself in which new look you want your car to shine in - and we will put your wishes into practice!
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Car tinted film: privacy protection and sun protection perfectly combined

Car tinted films for the rear windows and the rear window are probably one of the most well-known methods of refining the look of a vehicle.  A tinted film gives almost every vehicle an elegant and at the same time sporty look.  But that's not the only advantage.  In addition, a car tinted film serves as a privacy screen and provides more privacy in the rear of the car.  In addition, most films of this type have a special coating.  On the one hand, this filters UV radiation and, on the other hand, rejects thermal radiation.  As a result, the car window tint film helps protect the car interior from fading and from overheating.

Molding foil: For more individuality on & in the car

By wrapping the decorative strips in or on a vehicle, striking visual accents can be set without great financial expense.  With these you make your car stand out from the crowd and show style.  Molding foil is available in many different colors and can therefore be adapted to your personal wishes.  Even an individual print on white foil is possible to make your car a real one-off.  And the best thing is: If you want to sell your vehicle or if you no longer like the decorative strip foil, it can be easily removed again and the decorative strips underneath look like new!

Rear light film for an aggressive, sporty look

Another way of adapting your car to your individual wishes and visual preferences is to use rear light foil.  This film is translucent and available in different tints.  It is applied directly to the rear lights and darkens them or gives them a completely different hue.  Of course, this does not restrict the function of the lights and the visibility of the lamps.  The rear light film can also be removed at any time if necessary.

Partial or full wrapping with colored or camouflage film: the supreme discipline of car wrapping

Foiled decorative strips or rear lights are not individual enough for you?  Then opt for a complete car wrap with camouflage film or another high-quality car wrapping film.  Such films are available from numerous well-known manufacturers in an infinite number of attractive colors and designs.  With a camouflage film or a color film, we give your vehicle a completely new look.  You will hardly recognize it.  And if at some point you would prefer to see the original color again, the films can be easily removed.

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