Furniture & interior foils

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It may be that the look of furniture is simply no longer pleasing.  Especially in this situation, furniture can shine in a new light and get a whole new look.  Without high costs and time!  With different designs or color combinations, you have many design options.  In addition, we generally recommend protecting new furniture from UV radiation with sun protection film so that the color does not fade and the original look of furniture or wooden floors is preserved.

Versatile interior foiling - have walls, tiles & stairs foiled

An individual interior design reflects your personal taste, your character and your way of life.  When it's time for a change, most people hire a painter, tiler or floor layer.  However, there is an inexpensive alternative to this: foils change the design of your rooms and also transform areas that have become unsightly into real gems.  You can buy foil from us to wrap stairs, tiles and walls without the services of a craftsman.  We offer you a large number of special purpose or universal foils.  Whether luminescent film, anti-slip film or antimicrobial film: With us you will find the right interior films to wrap walls, stairs and tiles.  Immerse yourself in the world of high-performance special foils with Miro's ART.

Wrapping walls - the advantages at a glance

Wrapping the walls with the special films available in our online shop is advantageous in many ways.  In this way you can attractively cover unprotected areas with a robust film.  If soiling occurs in these areas, you can easily wipe off the easy-care film without damaging the plaster or wallpaper.  There are many different patterns and colors to choose from as wall foil.  Set a conscious accent in this way and structure the room design by partially emphasizing areas.  Foiling the walls gives your interior an elegant touch or creates a cheerful atmosphere in the room.

Foiling tiles - the solution for old tile backsplashes

Tile cladding is increasingly used in wet areas.  Especially when you have taken over an old property, the classic backsplash is often still installed in the kitchen and bathroom.  We offer you the option of foiling the tiles and giving your rooms a new look with little expenditure of material and time.  The foils can be attached quickly.  Foiling tiles also has the advantage that you don't have to laboriously hack the old tiles off the walls.  It can also be worth wrapping tiles if you want to give a tiled bathtub a new outfit.

Foiling stairs - safety through anti-slip foil

Uncarpeted stairs increase the risk of slipping and tripping.  This risk can be significantly reduced with an anti-slip film.  We advise you to foil your stairs if they are stone stairs, wooden stairs or carpets made of other smooth materials.  An anti-slip film is quickly attached to the steps and provides increased grip on the soles.  This is particularly useful for spiral staircases or staircases that are very narrow or do not have a handrail.  Are there children in your household who don't take into account whether the surface is smooth or not?  Decide to foil your stairs.  Especially with regard to safety, we recommend that you do not make any compromises and choose the safe version with an anti-slip film.

Noctilucent foil - the intelligent foil for high security

Walking in the dark also carries a high risk of falling.  You can also reduce this risk with the help of our solutions for special films.  Photoluminescent film is a good decision to avoid groping in the dark.  A luminescent film recharges its energy from a light source and emits it to the environment when it is dark.  In this way, you can recognize the shadowy outlines of pieces of furniture in the dark and skilfully navigate around them while walking.  Photoluminescent foil, anti-slip foil & more for interior foiling In our shop you can get many other special foils such as antimicrobial foils for door handles, window foils, facade foils and many more.  Order your desired films now!