Logo foiling & shop window lettering from the experts

Foils for indoor and outdoor areas are our expertise.  With the advice and design help from Miro's ART, a logo foil becomes part of your corporate image and outdoor advertising that is memorable for viewers.  Our service also includes shop window and shop lettering, sign foiling and much more.

Foiling for expressive indoor & outdoor advertising

Logo foiling indoors is particularly useful as a promotionally effective design on furniture.  Instead, you can also choose a sign foil for wall hanging as an image.  What is practical about films for indoor use is their color resistance to UV radiation.  With this you cover objects with your logo foiling from Miro's ART surfaces in the long term without fading.  If you don't like the film anymore or if you want to exchange it for another one, the area behind it is just as brightly colored as before.  At the same time, our films are mechanical protection against bumps and scratches.  In this way, you can extend the life of your furniture, for example with attractive shop lettering.  A sign foil as outdoor advertising also withstands UV light, temperature extremes and moisture without fading or material fatigue.  Films of this quality are often used as shop window lettering.  For example, you can announce your promotional campaigns here as striking outdoor advertising, present your corporate design as a logo foil with additional writing and at the same time create a full or semi-transparent privacy screen for the shop area.

Sign & logo foiling

For the sign foiling you can choose between solid aluminum composite panels and those made of PVC rigid foam as a base.  You can place signposts, company information, contact details, your logo and a company slogan on the foil.  For outdoor advertising in front of a large building complex or on site fences as advertising space, we recommend weatherproof aluminum composite as a substrate.  Signs with foils on rigid PVC foam are ideal as information signs or advertising space for indoor hanging.  In the quality of Miro's ART, this material as a substrate also withstands rain, heat, cold and UV radiation with a new look.  You can place a logo foil on smooth surfaces.  Such a film is very thin, but just as robust as our other variants.  For example, your logo will adorn a glass door in the passageways to a doctor's office or law firm, at the hairdresser's or spa service providers.  It is possible to subdivide the design into several stripes so that visitors can see through the lettering.

Shop window & store lettering

You can even design in several layers for the shop window lettering. A shop window film serves as a monochrome privacy screen, a second for sticking over the company name, logo and slogan.  The practical thing about this option is the interchangeability.  You can stick temporary discount campaigns, an upcoming move, the next business holidays and a new opening here with our brilliant graphic design and remove them completely at the end of the appointment.  We would be happy to advise you on the possibilities and possible alternatives.  Shop signage is intended for indoor areas.  Sometimes it's small inscriptions that stage your shopping area in a big way.  Of course you can also present indoor advertising on the large walls and furniture or the walls of the changing rooms.  Foiled counters in gastronomy, for example, are stylish.  They whet your appetite and have fun with iconic or modern graphic design.  Would you like to spice up your furniture or your vehicle with a logo foil?  Or would you like representative shop window lettering? Call Miro's ART or send us an email!  We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of design and foil quality and help you competently with the implementation of individual advertising ideas for outside and inside!